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We especially welcome people concerned with local environmental issues, but all kinds of people are needed to help out.

We are a non-profit with a paid staff, supported by a vast network of community organizers and environmental activists like you.

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Image of polluted air

Air Quality

Learn about air pollution health impacts and find tools to understand and improve air quality.

Image of plastic waste on a beach


Understand the world of waste, from landfill monitoring and mapping, to smart bins and at-home composting.

Image of water with green algae

Water quality

Resources to explore water quality, including pH levels and algae testing.

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Lots of people are tackling issues on many different projects, from dust pollution to flooding. Lend a hand:


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Browse projects, ideas, research notes and documentation from contributors like you. Contribute to our open source software projects here.


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Combine the existing technology with your own inventive spirit and contribute to the worldwide movement of DIY environmental science.

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Community Science

What is it and how does it work?


I. The Problem

Communities lack access to the tools and techniques needed to participate in decisions being made about their communities, especially when facing environmental hazards.

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II. The Collaboration

Ask questions, browse new methods, discover, collaborate on, and contribute to locally important matters with the support of a community of experts and activists worldwide.

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III. The Solution

Join us today, as we work together to build and inspire a community of DIY activists and explorers using simple tools to build a growing body of data about our local environments.

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